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Annest & Morgan

A few weeks back I was contacted by Jennifer, the sister of a dear friend, to photograph her little girl as she wanted a photo to match the one she has of her son at the same age. Of course I accepted, it would be an honour! But I always find shoots like this nerve racking especially when it's for a client who is close to someone I am close to! Lots of 'what if's ' roll around my head!

But off I went, camera in hand an backdrop ready to go.

I arrived at Jen's and Ceri's to find their gorgeous living room flowing with natural light through large windows! I wouldn't need a backdrop or any extra lighting, this room was perfect!

The following images are the result of this lovely lighting, and a small lifestyle shoot with the gorgeous little siblings.

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment.

This image was modified to match the photo of Morgan as requested.

Thanks for looking.

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