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Iona & Dafydd

THIS WEDDING, this beautiful little welsh farm wedding, stole my heart back in may.

Iona and Dafydd booked me way back in 2013 and I really never had much of an idea of what kind of wedding I was working with for this until two weeks before when we met up and went through everything! The words - wellies and bridesmaids - made me all kind of excited! :D

The details that went into this wedding were just SO gorgeous. Iona's dad especially had worked so hard to get pallet made furniture, Giant wire reels as table and chairs - even the trees were lit up! And don't even get me started on the wedding transport! A trailer full of hay bales driven by a land rover! Amazing!

I enjoyed every second of this wedding, both Iona and Dafydd's family were so lovely to me and made me feel welcome - their friends and family were so sweet and full of joy that I even stayed for a few hours later than scheduled!

Rain didn't dampen this wedding, the huge downpour saw kids on the bouncy castle bouncing in puddles, playing with bubble sticks and their giant connect four - playing just like kids should.

It was a perfect day for a perfect couple - I truly hope you enjoy this collection - sneak previews below, or follow this link for the full album:

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