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Hayley & Jon

This august I got to leave the green country side of wales and visit the bustling city of London to capture the wedding of Hayley and Jon - the now Mr & Mrs Hood! This wedding excited me from the word go and I was looking forward to the travel and visiting the Horniman Museum where Hayley and Jon would be getting married - in their bandstand overlooking the london sky line, and what a perfect day it turned out to be.

The rain stayed a way and a gorgeous hot summers day ensued. I arrived and Hayley was there milling with her guests in a stunning satin dress with a beautiful train, accompanied by a bespoke hand made lilac strap she had made herself, a representation of her unique personality shining through. The reception was the Catford Constitutional in, you guessed it, catford! We arrived there ready to go after my first ever uber ride!

I was not prepared for this venue! I walked in and wow, it was just amazing! Hayley knows me and knew I would love this venue from the off, the massive open rooms, the stair case, the photos on the wall, the amazing vintage feel accompanied by delapidation, wallpaper peeling, the bare floorboard and the roof beams on show, it was just fantastic!

During a trip to the bathroom, I opened the 'womens' door to find hayley powdering her nose in THE most amazing bathroom I've ever been in! The light was perfect, the baroque sofa in the middle under the massive window - well we just had to take some photos in here, and they turned out stunning - well actually, my favourite photo to date has now been captured in this very bathroom! I am so happy with how this wedding turned out. I really hope you enjoy these photos and take in the beauty that Hayley and I saw at this magnificent venue! You can check it out here - and if you are ever in that area go and have some food, it was to die for! Thanks for reading <3


Thanks for looking!

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