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Best of 2016

I tried to make a fancy slideshow with lovely music and fancy transitions , but it would seem my technical abilities are outdated - as well as my computer who asked for several updates too ha! SO this boring ole album will have to do!

I hope any future couples who are looking at booking will have a good look through :) It has been really hard work for me to choose out some of my favourites from this years weddings. It has by far been by BEST year to date for bookings, and the work I have delivered.

I am so very very grateful to every single bride and groom that has booked me for their wedding to date, it is making be that little bit better every single time I shoot, learning new things and making new relationships with great people.

I was never a confident person but with each job I get better and better, and every review and kind word left for me means the world.

Being part of your big day is so special, not because of what I take but because of the relationships I am seeing flourish before me. Every single shot is a reminder of the day, of the story I am learning about the relationship between the Bride and Groom I am shooting.

Some of these weddings have moved me to tears - believe me it's hard to photograph something whilst you are bawling your eyes out! I have seen so much love and devotion, and going through these photos reminds me why I do this for a living. Why I keep working at it and to better myself, and the service I deliver.

Thank you to each and every one of you, and to your brilliant welcoming families too.

Here's to the new year - 2017

Happy New Year!!


Some of the venues i have worked with this year :

Meifod Country House Hotel Gwesty Carreg Bran Hotel Chateau Rhianfa Catford Constitutional Club Royal Victoria Hotel Snowdonia Victoria Hotel Menai Bridge St Edwen's Church, Llanedwen Horniman Museum and Gardens as well as private garden party weddings

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