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Stunning is not the word...

As some of you may know, I used to be a full time event planner and co-ordinator, I ran my own little business on the isle of anglesey and dressed weddings for a living. It was hard work, every wedding and achievement in it's own right and so rewarding to see what you've created. But the work behind a wedding is tiring, long and hard, and you need to make sure every single detail is perfect down to the creases on the chair covers. This is why I appreciate it when I get invited to photograph some of 'I do wedding hire' s own fantastic work.

Olive has been at this for four years, she knows what she is doing and you can see the love and attention into every aspect of her work. She is extremely hard working and manages this whilst being a single mother to her four children, and caring for her mother. Super woman or what?

This march she has been invited to do a showcase at the beautiful Seiont Manor near Caernarfon - it will be running for 4 days from Sunday March 19th until March 23rd - I urge you all to get down and see it.

You can find the event page here:

and olives page here:

Here are the stunning photos for you to enjoy, best viewed full screen!

Venue: Seiont Manor Hotel

Lights: Gav's Discos

Dresser: I do wedding hire

Cake: Hayley's piped dreams

Stationery: Ellens Cards

Photography: Emberwood Photography

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