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You might think this is an urban exploration post, but I think it only counts if no one lives there. In this case, someone does.

There's this place I know, with this person I know, who lives inside this grand old house that's just falling to pieces. Since the very first day I stepped foot in this house it has stayed in my mind and the person living in it. Mental illness is such a huge thing in this world, and one of the most misunderstood, and ignored. I've not worried about this person too much, I know people that look out for him and check on him. He has lived a life on berries, rubbish thats been thrown out 'past sell by date' he collects rubbish off the roads, he uses his bike to travel far and wide. He lives off the land. This man is a ridiculously talented musician he lives for his music and the people that surround him and join him to play.

This week he allowed me to take some photographs of his home for my own personal project. He's a very private man so his name nor location will be disclosed publicly, but I wanted to share these photographs, to show just how appreciate you should be of what you have.

In the 16 years that I've known him I've never been concerned for his well being, he has been strong fit and healthy, but as I stood in his room surrounded by rubbish, and feral cats the his conversation was with himself only as he blew on a blue latex balloon talking jibberish. What will become of him in the next ten years? Just spare a thought for the homeless over winter and the mental health of people living with nothing this winter.

Thanks for looking

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