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Rhianwen & Alan

Oh my goodness I can't tell you just how lovely it is to be back to it after what feels like an eternity away from my couples! I managed just one wedding this year before the pandemic hit and made everything go sideways!

Now here I am back to work starting off with the lovely Rhianwen and Alan who were due to get married in June at the beautiful Hafod Farm, but have now had to postpone to next year but are having a small civil ceremony this month at the town hall.

Initially we met in Newborough to head down to Llanddwyn island, but doomed we were as the road was closed due to the carpark being completely full on this glorious hot summers day! So we chose to go off to Penrhos Nature Reserve instead, and honestly, it was a great decision, it was lovely and quiet and we managed to get some forest feel in there as well as the beautiful beach!

Here are some photos from this session - I can't wait to photograph their little ceremony and get these weddings kicked off again in a nice and relaxed setting! Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

Location: Penrhos Nature Reserve, Holyhead, Anglesey


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