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Photographs are all I have left of years gone by, friends gone by, family and moments lost. Moments captured on film are the closest way to returning to them as we can get. I realised this around the age of 15 when I started snapping away with my £3 disposable cameras at gatherings and fun weekends away. What started as a hobby to remember moments turned into a passion capturing other peoples moments and what an amazing feeling it gives. At the end of a long tiring day shooting a wedding I always find myself smiling at the moments I've captured that the bride or groom has no idea about, and I just know will bring a smile to their face upon seeing, a reminder of their special day.  

As well as photographing weddings, I have a huge interest in fashion photography and I love to get together with dress makers and models that love to create something a bit mad - when I get the time!

I love to travel, explore the woods, photograph abandoned buildings and design pretty things (check out my design stuff here

I have a weird love for my cats Willow, George and Tilly and even MORE love for my dog Ember, she's ridiculously cute. I have two cute step kids a very talented landscaper partner and we live in a character house that I like to decorate eclectically!

So that's a little about me, if you'd like to meet and have a chat about any ideas you have, or just a meet before a wedding feel free to pop me a message here and we can arrange a date to suit!

Thanks for reading, and getting this far :) 

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