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Mr & Mrs Barcroft - Jones

On August 26th the weather decided it would give the rain a rest, and shine down a hot lovely sun on us all at Treysgawen Hall for Ffion and David's big day. They couldn't have asked for a better day considering the usual welsh weather we normally get.

I arrived at Ffions on the morning of the wedding to the most chilled out bride I have ever had, and the kids, the kids were just SO well behaved and it was ultimately a really relaxed atmosphere in the house and everyone just excitedly getting ready for what was ahead.

I captured some adorable moments with the children and some lovely details and ffions first look - then off to Treysgawen to capture the nervous Groom.

It was a hot day with not a cloud in the sky (not so much fun for a photographer) but the day went so smoothly, the Bride and Groom, their families and friends, were so lovely and welcoming. I enjoyed every moment of this stunning wedding - so here are the photos to share with you!