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Alternative Hand-fasting Pagan Wedding at Chateau Rhianfa, Anglesey

Nestled up in the hills off the Menai Straits lies a beautiful Chateau, surrounded by beautiful gardens filled with stunning flowers and trees. This was the place Joanne and Paul Conroy chose as their place of marriage, and I couldn't think of anywhere more fitting! Joanne first contacted me back in July 2020 in the hope of a last minute wedding for just the two of them at Chateau Rhianfa (totally an elopement) - fast forward a fractured collarbone a pandemic, 3 postponed dates later and a broken down van, Joanne and Paul arrived at their wedding day... Rain... but as I approached the Chateau I could see the clouds clearing.

I pulled in to the Chateau's parking lot just in time to find Paul having a cigarette in his last moments as a single man. He was stood in this amazing victorian regal style gothic black jacket with new rocks as his choice of footwear, and a top hat to finish the look.

We headed into the ceremony room and were greeted by the Celebrants, queue Joanne's arrival and she looks fantastic in a black gothic long dress and bright red hair to match her lipstick - lush new rock heels also the choice of footwear!

Joanne and Paul had chose a unique playlist throughout the ceremony, including a song by bjork they both reminisced over from the past. Tears were wiped and a lovely ceremony was given from the Anglesey Celebrants and the ceremony was sealed with the hand-fasting ritual, the first I've photographed and was certainly interesting to see and hear about.

Paul and Joanne had a moment together at the ceremony table where they write their vow to love one another on stones that they would later throw in the straits to complete their ceremony together.

We headed down into the gardens and proceeded to take the bridal shots and the pair were a hoot and full of character. It was such a blessing to be part of this intimate and beautiful wedding, a wedding just about the two of them and a moment to forget about what we had going on in the world at this time.

Congratulations to Joanne and Paul I wish you many years of happiness - enjoy some of the highlights below!

Thanks for reading.


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